Want More Money? Create a New Comfort Zone

Are you too comfortable with not being able to afford your expenses and increasing your debt? Time to snap out of it!

We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are. -Max DePree

Financial expert Danielle Hoston: This past week, I had the great honor of being featured in the “Life Changer” segment on “EXTRA.” I was asked to give a woman named Sarah Jane some tips about getting back into the job market and getting back on her feet. Sarah Jane is a creative, talented, and extremely well-qualified costume designer with over 18 years of experience. Unfortunately, Sarah Jane has fallen on hard times and hasn’t been employed in six months.

We spoke about many things over the two days I spent with her. We started with some recommendations about lowering her expenses. Then, we discussed why she felt she was unemployed and how she was pursuing her job search. We started talking about her skill sets and she discovered that she was good at more things than she thought. We started setting goals and I asked Sarah Jane what she really wanted in her career. She was clear: She wanted to be the head costume designer of a feature film or a major television show. I asked her to describe what that job would be like, how much money she would make, and what she would do with the money. She was stumped and simply replied that she “couldn’t even imagine” what it would be like. “I’m used to scrambling,” she added. Then, it dawned on me… the reason why Sarah Jane had not yet achieved her dreams … Like many of us, Sarah Jane is comfortable.

All too often, we become comfortable in the most uncomfortable of circumstance: from self-destructive behaviors and unhealthy habits to toxic friendships and even abusive relationships.

In Sarah Jane‘s case, she’s become comfortable with not being able to afford her expenses and increasing her debt. Worst of all, Sarah Jane has become at ease with the uneasiness of scrambling for her next check. In order to break these cycles, we must step outside of our comfort zones. These steps — even when we know they’re in the right direction – are at the very least uncomfortable. The true test of your ability to grow relies solely on your ability to withstand the discomfort until you create a new — and hopefully better — comfort zone.

After we taped, Sarah Jane received a call that she had a booked a short 3-day job that started almost immediately. Coincidence? She would say yes. I would say that she had grown a little and things were starting to look a little brighter.

Be anxious. Be nervous. Be uncomfortable. What are you TOO comfortable with?

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