I know. It’s hard to be positive and celebrate in times of financial difficulty. It’s difficult to smile when you can hardly afford holiday gifts for you and your children. It’s impossible to sleep when your rent or mortgage is late. I also know that, in most cases, it...

I know something we can ALL be thankful for this holiday season… LOWER GAS PRICES! As I drove away from the pump with a huge smile on my face, I started to think about how long this glorious price adjustment was going to last. Here’s what I found out…


One of my closest friends is in a very tough position. She can no longer afford the private school her daughter attends but is determined to make sure that her daughter has the best, most well-rounded, and overall positive school experience possible. Because of her shr...

Me: What do you want for Christmas this year?

My 8-year old daughter: A laptop, a puppy, a webkin, a Nintendo DS, a cupcake maker for my friends and ummmm...a spa thingy.

Me: How much do you think Christmas costs?

My daughter: $101 sometimes. No … actually $200.

Me: H...

When it comes to holiday shopping, we all tend to break the budget in the name of celebrating the holidays. We want to look our best, enjoy the time we are spending with our friends and family, and get everything that our children and significant other’s hearts desire....

Believe it or not, lenders do NOT want to foreclose on homeowners. In addition to the significant loss of mortgage income involved with a foreclosure, lenders also incur legal fees, potential repair costs, real estate commissions, transfer taxes, and countless other fe...

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December 30, 2016

December 30, 2016

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