Late last week, a woman filed a lawsuit against Chase Manhattan Bank for contacting her husband regarding a bank account that she had kept secret from him...a bank account that contained approximately $800,000 obtained prior to their marriage. For obvious reasons, mari...

How to save money but still have fun this summer.

Memorial Day has marked the beginning of summer, and the recession (the so-called "R-word", as I like to put it) hasn't quite passed. With the end of school just around the corner, I spent some time brainstorming great w...

Soooo...what if you should have gotten a prenup're already married?

I imagine that there are quite a few spouses who have learned over the course of their marriage that the laws of the state they live in greatly differ from their own personal opinion about the...

Finally. My car nightmare is over. Well, mostly anyway. I’ve spent the last week or so learning everything I never really wanted to know about all that is wrong with my freshly paid-off car. Fortunately, by the time it was all over. I was able to save about 40% off my...

So...what exactly is a Ponzi scheme? In the simplest of ters, a "Ponzi scheme" is elaborate, high stakes system of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Ponzi schemes rely heavily on constant streams of new investor money to pay back old investors who are then encouraged to reinv...

When I graduated from UCLA many moons ago, I was just like any other recent college graduate: young, eager, and ready to FINALLY make some money. I graduated high school when I was 16 years old and had completed my BA degree in Communications with a Specialization in B...

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December 30, 2016

December 30, 2016

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